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Store some of the milk calcium,baby carrier, cod liver oil and DHA nutritional supplements have become parents to a shopping guide into the store after consulting the main commodities. Friends of Music nutrition expert told the author, spring is the peak period of child development, in addition to ensuring a reasonable diet, adequate sleep, according to the doctor's recommendations as appropriate to the child supplement the necessary nutrients.
Friends of Music summer fabrics listed flagship health and safety
Not only to eat the baby's health, with the health of wear and keeping healthy. The weather heats up, wearing stickers for the children of parents who pay special attention to clothing. Friends of Music pregnant baby-selling song Ruikai children, song Ribet children children's clothing brand this season has consistently emphasized the continuation of the brand Security + comfort features in the fabrics and technology and other aspects of safety and comfort on its head.
Spring and summer products for the personal wear, children songs Ruikai products are mostly used 100% combed cotton (quality cotton) fabrics, while maintaining a consistent commitment to stay away from formaldehyde pollution, especially for very delicate line with the needs of the baby care , moms can rest assured that choice. Special consideration to the characteristics of the baby, side-open buckle, dual crotch, are very thoughtful design. T-shirt, sweater's flagship product is the spring and summer models, with a special process to head and neck easy to deal with some rough, let your baby more comfortable to wear, but also helps to wash clothes often not easily deformed often new.
In design and technology, song Ribet children for baby special body features, style ergonomic, so that baby can freely stretch. Boneless seams, edging and other processes can be effective in reducing the friction between skin and clothing; Siamese-style design can effectively avoid the baby belly cold; shoulder open buckle, buttons, etc. to ensure full easy to wear off, the mother in the bath, for diapers more comfortable.
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